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  • Date: 23/05/2016
  • Tags: Lightweight

AT-35 – Lightweight, medium endurance VTOL UAV

  • Gasoline powered.
  • Fully autonomous flight with auto takeoff and landing.
  • Day video standard, other cameras, video, and sensor packages optional.
  • Up to 3 hour flight time
  • 1.5 km standard telemetry range (long range optional).

Length: 1670 mm
Width: 510 mm
Height: 690 mm
Main rotor diameter: 2100 mm
Transmission: Gears
Tail rotor: Shaft drive
Dry weight: 9 Kg
Engine: 2.4 HP 2 stroke gasoline
Energy Capacity: 1 Litre Standard/3 Litres Opt.
Climb rate: 122/m/min (AFCS Limited)
Maximum speed: 55 kt (AFCS Limited)
Endurance: Up to 3 Hours
Maximum payload: 11 Kg
Telemetry: 802.11 based, 800 m LOS
Safety Controller: 2.4 GHz, 800 m LOS, 4 Km Max
Flight control software: Fully autonomous flight Auto takeoff and landing Unlimited waypoints with in flight retaking Failsafe “return to home” Long range telemetry* up to 30 Km or through 3G network or satellite link

*Standard telemetry: 1.5 Km. Optional telemetry: 3-30 Km. Applies to all models.

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